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Invisible Luminous Marked Cards Printer

Our professional marked cards printer can be made by our company only, which can print invisible marks on luminous marked cards.

Since different marked playing cards need different ink, the ink applied to this printer is made specially. The marks produced from this printer are quite clear under our UV contact lenses or UV sunglasses. You should be aware of that only under the guidance of our technician can you operate this product effectively.

This printer can offer you good quality marked cards with your own designed marks. Marked cards printable plastic cards includes Bicycle Cards, Copag Playing Cards, Bee Cards, Kem Arrow Cards, Fournier Playing Cards, Dal Negro Playing Cards or any other regional playing cards


Printer size and specification:

1. Size: 297 mm * 40 mm

2. Applicative Cards: Playing cards (Paper cards & Plastic cards)

3. Cards made by it can be seen under the restriction of any light with our infrared contact lenses & sunglasses


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