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Can Read 52 Cards Scanning System

This poker scanning system is a little different but still very practical in poker games. It will report to you every card of the marked decks, from the top one to the bottom one or from the bottom one to the top one. Besides, it can also tell you the numbers and suits of every card in the decks. With this powerful system, you can know every card just as it is face-up. It is operated all by yourself. You don't need even a computer or any partner to help you. This latest scanning system only can be found in Golden Sunshine. Any question, just feel free to leave your message.

Hardware components of the system:

1. A host machine (an Iphone, Nokia or Blackberry phone, etc.)

2. A scanning camera (The camera can be installed in the phones, car keys, lighters, etc.)

3. Mini-earpieces

4. Barcode marked cards

5. A loudspeaker (used for testing the working condition of the system)


The original language of the system is English. Do not worry. In order to satisfy the needs of customers from different parts of the world, we have already promoted the versions in French, Germany, Russian and so forth. If you order a system from us, you will get ten decks of barcode marked cards as a gift.


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Name: George Philips IP: Time: 2019-09-25 11:53:19
Content: Hello, how about the marked decks and the price?
Admin_reply: Hello, friend. I will contact you on WhatsApp. Please check and reply. Thank you.

Name: Linda Bailey IP: Time: 2019-07-31 18:35:54
Content: Hi I want to get the prices of contact lenses for brown eyes. Please email me back. Best Regards Linda
Admin_reply: Hello, friend. I will contact you on your WhatsApp. Please check and reply. Thank you.

Name: Thang IP: Time: 2018-12-23 17:04:42
Content: More information and the price pls,.
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry about our products, I have sent you email, please check and reply, thanks

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